Changes in consumer behaviour essays

changes in consumer behaviour essays

According to Kooli et al (2007 the same approach is being used by companies for enhancing their e-image. The theories suggest that marketers should keep their prices low without affecting the quality to attract consumers. Profit organizations have an unbiased goal of achieving profit maximization inflate value of their shareholder; whereas, non profit organizations on the other hand do not aim at profit maximization, but rather focus on fulfilling the needs of individuals living in the society. Study of consumer behaviour helps to achieve this purpose. The effectiveness of such communication, however, can have the desired (or opposite) result on sustaining consumer loyalty over an extended period of time. (2004) Perspectives in Consumer Behavior: Paradigm Shifts in Prospect. Features of Product: Increased number of features offered by the product tends to increase the price of products. Yet such interventions require a concise and accurate understanding of consumer behaviour in order to effectively provide value-oriented reinforcement and messaging that is directly related to consumer value systems. Social Media Marketing is a process of using social media for the purpose reaching onto the companys target audience and giving them knowledge about the products and services being offered to them. Using the web for marketing your organization ensures that the non-profit organizations come in recognition of a large group of interested people in the world.

Organization Stake holders tend to be active in causes that they can relate themselves to; social media ensures integrated experience for them. For example, if marketer is marketing a product which is Halal. Hence it can be deduced that the attitude a customer has towards purchasing goods online in retail will be positively influenced by the perception he or she holds about the retailer image. According to Voorbdji (2008 web analytic programs help the non-profit organizations to use the generated stats for practical purposes like developing methods for adapting the website or for the purpose of setting how to restate your thesis up priorities for digitization. In regard to the marketers view point, they assume that the basic purpose of marketing is to sell goods and services to more people so that more profit could be made. From the interpretation of a particular taste to the analysis of various sensations associated with fabric, analysts are able to determine and synthesise a future intent to purchase. There are a wide variety of analytical tools available across multiple platforms for the purpose of performing web analytics that allows non-profit organizations to improve with the help of the authentic data. (1988) was one of the initial models on consumer behaviour and very useful in identifying the ways and techniques of targeting the consumers and their changing behaviours. All the products and services marketed revolve around the behaviour of consumers that how they will respond to them.

Consumer Behaviour, a milestone definition of marketing by Peter Drucker (1999) would firmly establish the relative value and importance of consumer behaviour in effective marketing, arguing that marketing is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final product, that is, from. To design the best possible product or service that fully satisfies consumers needs and demands.