Research paper about air pollution pdf

research paper about air pollution pdf

the bleaching of chemical pulps has the potential to cause significant environmental damage, primarily through the release of organic materials into waterways. 53 Forest certification edit Promoting and supporting forest certification and the ability to trace the origin of wood fiber helps ensure sustainable forest management and legal logging. Nutrients such as persuasive essay story nitrogen and phosphorus can cause or exacerbate eutrophication of fresh water bodies such as lakes and rivers. Sulfur is generally recovered, with the exception of ammonia-based sulfite processes, but some is released as sulfur dioxide during combustion of black liquor, a byproduct of the kraft process, or "red liquor" from the sulfite process.

40 Sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide edit Main articles: Kraft process and Sulfite process Sulfur -based compounds are used in both the kraft process and the sulfite process for making wood pulp. In 2006 the pulp and paper industry in Canada released about 60,000 tonnes of sulfur oxides (SOx) into the atmosphere, accounting for just over 4 of the total SOx emission from all Canadian industries. Paper Task Force (1995). "World GHG Emissions Flow Chart" (PDF). US Department of Energy. Recycling paper decreases the demand for virgin pulp and thus reduces the overall amount of air and water pollution associated with paper manufacture. 75 The Clean Air Act establishes National Ambient Air Quality Standards (naaqs) for pollutants harmful to public health and the environment. 9 In 2015, the pulp and paper sector was ranked first in the amount of toxic weighted pound equivalents (twpe) discharged to water by industry.

US Environmental Protection Agency. Of certain toxic chemicals that may pose a threat to human health and the environment. Levels of discharge have not changed significantly since that time. 75 of kraft world war 2 thesis statements pulp used ECF, with the remaining 56 using TCF. 24 Dioxins are recognized as a persistent environmental pollutant, regulated internationally by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. And Canada generate interactive maps of environmental indicators which show pollution emissions of individual facilities. Retrieved 1 maint: Archived copy as title ( link ) "Recycling Paper and Glass". Retrieved "Consolidated federal laws of canada, Pulp and Paper Mill Defoamer and Wood Chip Regulations".

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