John stuart mill essay on liberty summary

john stuart mill essay on liberty summary

noone's actions affect solely themselves, Mill agrees in part. Society must persuade children to be rational, behave reasonably, follow their passions as adults, and be dynamic personalities. He cannot condone any measures that would give the government the power of prevention or undue influence over individual dissertation learning points lives. It has remained constantly in print, and a copy. In the beginning, the retention of liberty was necessary to protect against political tyranny of overzealous rulers. The next section discusses coercion, which Mill is opposed to in every case. His essay tries to show the positive effects of liberty on all people and on society as a whole.

When that person harms other people or society, Mill agrees it is appropriate to intervene and punish that person in a court of law, if applicable. Mill does some preemptive strikes on potential detractors from his work as well. Society can hold individual negative opinions of a such a person and advise others of that person's faults.

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If a person's actions have little significance to society, it is actually in society's best interest to preserve personal liberty rather than to obsess over an individual's action. He argues that the only time coercion is acceptable is when a person's behavior harms other people-otherwise, society should treat diversity with respect. Mill thinks that society, highly liable to be influenced and wrong, should not serve as the impetus for the government's actions. However, Mill cites this so-called victory of the people is nothing of the sort, it simply paved the way for a new type of tyranny: the tyranny of prevailing opinion. The danger that lies in the government acting in response to the public opinion can be seen by looking at the past where actions that had the support of a consensus of the people are now deemed to be infringements upon human liberty. Additionally, these nonconformists challenge social complacency, and keep society from stagnating. This is the only punishment inflicted on a person who does harmful things to themselves - the penalty of public opinion. However, if they don't choose to do this, they are eligible to be punished either in legal or social circles.

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