Gran torino analysis essay

gran torino analysis essay

for justice in order to better the lives of his Asian. Walts character begins to change and leave behind his old ways, recognizing that the color of ones skin does not determine who they become. When one of his immigrant neighbors, Thao Van Lor (Bee Vang) is pressured into stealing Walts Gran Torino by a local Hmong gang, the old man realizes that he is going to have to do something to save his neighborhood. The police arrive and take away the gang bangers. Hope for a Racist, and Maybe a Country. Rounds and rounds are unloaded on him, and he falls to the ground with his prized lighter in hand.

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These aspects are used repeatedly throughout the popular movie Gran Torino. However, he mostly seems uneasy and resentful towards his family. He becomes a father figure to Thao, the neighbor boy, which later creates a conflict between the strict role of a Hmong young man and how Tao wants to act. (Jones) In a more modern example of subjectivity, the 2008 Warner Bros. In this film, many issues people deal with every day in modern day America are brought to light, such as discrimination, stereotypes, hatred, religion, gang violence, regret, what goes into conclusion in literary analysis essays and struggling to forgive ones enemies. Clint Eastwood dispels the myth of ageism and illustrates he still has the right stuff in the movie, Gran Torino (2008).