Surfing essays

surfing essays

came my way and before I knew it I was pinned to the sand on myboard. How was I ever supposed to do this? 4) "Hanging Ten" and "Hanging Five" are the most complicated maneuvers, used when it is necessary to break high waves. The main parts in the system are the blood, the blood vessels and the heart.

Surfing Essay - 610 Words Bartleby

surfing essays

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Your knees should be slightly bent with your arms out and eyes looking forward. Make sure that you are facing sideways on the board (like picture A below). For the first 10 seconds of exercise (running) that the surfer does, the main source of energy is coming from the ATP-CP system. Then when the perfect wave arrives the surfer then paddles furiously, resulting in them using the ATP-CP system with lactic acid slowly building. Lean, or step (if necessary) forward or backward, to make the board ride evenly along the water. Uses chemical fuel creatine phosphate (CP) Uses food fuel carbohydrate (glucose) Uses food fuel glucose, fats and protein. Using your arms and front leg, push straight up off the board and swing your back foot into place on the board.

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