Home education vs school education essay

home education vs school education essay

in our country are coeducational and only handful of them are single-sex educational schools. Teen pregnancies, teen sexual diseases, teen suicides, teen alcohol, drug abuse, pornography. No school means no knowledge and skills. Education in our public schools has been on the down slope for over twenty years now.

16,311 students from across the country were tested with the nationally normed Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Girls also have claimed that they were disadvantaged in CE classrooms (Jackson Smith) and that SSI classes offered more support, less hassle, and less ridicule and teasing from peers (Parker Rennie).(Hoffman 16). Students life is not easy because they have to take exams every term and study hard to succeed. Many parents today are deciding to home school their children. While concern for social interchange is tumultuous among public school advocates, home educators maintain that many home schooled children have formed their own social clubs. Home instructors contend that social skills are no longer a problem for home schooled children. Noble Publishing Associates, 1995, ray, Brian. The next stage is secondary school which gives broad knowledge about various subjects and prepares students for future professional education. With an increasing amount of school shootings, drugs, and other dementia, many parents today are home schooling their children.

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