Essay about ramadan festival

essay about ramadan festival

article and get. Individuals who are travelling, engaged in hard labour and women on their period can also skip some days and make up for the days missed later. People fasting only eat before the sun rises and after the sunsets: The meal taken before sunrise is Suhoor and the meal taken after sunset is Iftar. Submission to Allah is necessarily with heart, soul and death. Technically, the fast begins each day at dawn, which for Muslims comes nearly two hours before sunrise. The time spent fasting is used in prayer, chastity and the spiritual purification of the body and mind. One of the most important religious sects in the country is Islam and the. Muslims all over the world regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race or colour participate in fasting for the entire month of Ramadan: They are not permitted to eat or drink as soon as the sun rises until dusk throughout the month. Hajj: Pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca and Arafat in Saudi Arabia.

Muslims all over the country, regardless of location, either. Children are not obligated to fast: It is not compulsory for children to fast until they reach puberty but some choose to observe it in preparation for their adulthood.

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Sunrise marks the end of the first period of prayer. Eid ul Fitr: This is a large festival celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan, it begins the moment the new moon is sighted. They are also supposed to stay away from impurities and other pleasures. A religious annual observance of daylight fasting occur in this month and it stands as one of the religious core beliefs of Islam. Islam also implies peace which is the natural consequence of Allah. He concluded his lecture by discussing the importance of how Muslims and non Muslims must learn more about one another in order to live peacefully. The event was focused towards non Muslim faculty and staff who participated with Professor Ahmed in an open discussion about the misconceptions of Islam by both Muslims and non Muslims. Of Arabic origin, Islam means submission of ones will to the only true god worthy of worship Allah and anyone who does so is a Muslim. Miraj (The Ascent God honored Prophet Muhammad (pbuh peace be upon him) by his unique night journey during which he saw with his own eyes the glory of Allah and the working of the universe. Advertisements: Religious festivals of Islam and their social significance: The religion advocates belief in one God (Allah) and has similar scriptural and historic roots to Judaism and Christianity. Religious beliefs, practices and rites have become a daily part of our lives.

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