An essay on dress code

an essay on dress code

violate the dress code will teach self-respect and raise moral standards. Change the mindset, not the action. My outfit was flattering and it made me feel good. Pretty Woman to teach a dress code lesson. Muslim women are required to observe the hijab in front of any man they could theoretically marry. In other parts of the world the dress is totally different. Fashion and clothing styles are generally shorter and more revealing. Some Muslim women wear full-body garments that only ambedkar foundation essay competition 2016 expose the eyes, although there is no Quranic text requiring this extreme. That doesnt teach girls about modesty.

Girls cant be expected not to conform to modern day ideals. Muslim women Clothing burqas (Islamic clothing), islamic clothing and dress - Veils. People argue that dress codes are only reinforced so strictly because of they way girls dress. One of the most infuriating situations for a girl is when she is told her clothes are inappropriate because it is distracting to boys. Teenage girls show a lack of self-respect and morals with inappropriate clothing. It happens to all types of fashion trends. At Wasatch High School in Utah, senior portraits were photo shopped so that girls in the pictures 10 steps in making research paper were following dress code regulations, without the students prior knowledge or the opportunity to re-take their picture, according to the Christian Science Monitor Newspaper. Avoiding public humiliation and using suggestions rather than demands when reprimanding girls could be more effective. Instead of simply reprimanding girls for their supposed inappropriate attire, teachers and administrators feel the need to make it a public spectacle.

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an essay on dress code