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cola essay

for somebody to attend to her son as he lapsed into a coma. . Hodge concluded that the research showed that the fluorine ion was relatively harmless by itself. . The answer was simple and the key to making nuclear weapons. . See also Stewart Ewens PR!, A Social History of Spin. That chain reaction is the required event for making nuclear weapons and nuclear energy possible. Isaacsons study was spurred by data that showed Alzheimers disease having a higher incidence in fluoridated areas.

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Kennedy and his father were dentists. . 24 See Christopher Brysons The Fluoride Deception, chapter 17,.

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Human waste is recyclable, industrial waste is not, at least not for fertilizing ones garden. . McClures Water Fluoridation, The Search and the Victory and Waldbotts Fluoridation, The Great Dilemma extensively documented the hazards of environmental fluorides. Cited by Citizens for Safe Drinking Water,. . Of Ruhana, Sri Lanka, showed that fluoridated water at 1 PPM, when used in cooking in aluminum cookware, concentrated the aluminum up to 600 PPM, whereas water without fluoride did not. McClure was one of fluoridations greatest cheerleaders, who worked for the industry-influenced nidr. .

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