Save flora and fauna essay

save flora and fauna essay

way of pushing up our economy. Herbal drugs in guinea worm disease by the tribes of Southern Rajasthan (India). The colours can range from red, pink and white. It was also found that the local people are much concerned about the reduction of medicinal plants in the wild. This is why you hear phrases like flora and fauna of India, flora, and fauna of Indonesia and.

Essay on protectin of flora and fauna

save flora and fauna essay

13 pages, 6129 words, traditional uses of medicinal plants among the rural communities of Churu district in the Thar Desert, India. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 12, 223230. In the rural areas of Churu, plants are the major source of local medicine for their well being. The Wollemi Pine is one the worlds oldest and rarest trees. Name the species of plant that is believed to have existed during the time of the dinosaurs. They are among the worlds largest burrowers.

Flora and Fauna There was nothing but trees. The sun was shining, slicing through the branches and leaves. It lightly hit and reflected onto the ground, creating small. The plants and the wildlife that are native to a particular geographical region is also called as that particular regions flora and fauna. View my Saved Essays.

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