Gay couples adopting essay

gay couples adopting essay

are no proven facts that children are raised better with straight parents. In most countries, the phenomenon is against the law despite the fierce debate to allow such a phenomenon to be practiced. In fact according to Bailey report from gay parents interview, 9 of the children they bring up turn to be gay or lesbian. It is worth noting that since the 1977 Florida law is the only state that had completely banned gay and lesbian from adopting children. A loving couple has the desire to provide a home for an unwanted child, but they are unable to because they are homosexuals. The American Psychological Association admitted, "The sex, gender identity, or sexual ould not be the sole or primary variable considered in custody or placement cases" (Pearson). It should be the other way around, Beige proves with scientific studies show children whove erik kjeldgaard dissertation been raised with one or two parents who are gay or lesbian fare just as well emotionally and socially.

Gay Adoption Essay Bartleby

gay couples adopting essay

Same-Sex Adoption Essay example - 930 Words Bartleby

gay couples adopting essay

Even for those who identified themselves to be from such family, they were not confident and suffered inferiority complex. Though many people believe that same-sex couples are unfit parents, many statistics actually contradict this belief. Another reason children could suffer is because according to Ken Connor, the International Journal of Epidemiology reports that the rate of suicides, domestic violence, depression, and multiple sex partners among gays is increasing (Chittom, et al). A child would be in a safe, attentive environment whether they were with a heterosexual couple or a homosexual couple. Furthermore, it is unjust to withhold certain benefits when they are raising a family.

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