Write an essay on pressure groups

write an essay on pressure groups

These types of groups represent a specific section of society and therefore they are self-interested of their own members. However, as we already know, a healthy democracy needs a high level of political participation in order to function correctly. On February 28, 14 teenagers ages 11 to 14 in Woburn, Massachusetts overdosed on a muscle relaxant. Once they have gained vital support for their campaign they can start to unravel the more complicated issues involved.

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write an essay on pressure groups

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Direct action is a method often used by outsider pressure groups to pressurise the Government. Peer pressure affects people of all age. Pressure groups can influence political decisions in many ways. If they are successful they may force effects which are disproportionate to their issue. Although the opposite argument to this is that people claim that many organized groups can undermine the policy making process because they are dominated by people with vested interests concerned only to improve the position of certain groups within society, not the welfare of the. Below we have a list of more related ideas to help you choose the right path that suits what it is you're most passionate to write about. Another undemocratic feature of pressure groups is the way in which their influence can rely on financial clout rather than the proportion of public support.

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