Essay hbcus

essay hbcus

noticed that Hampton graduates are very proud, and the result is a strong and active alumni network, which Im excited to now be a part. Thats the great news. And today, as black Americans choosing to attend these schools know (and confirmed by researchers these campuses are psychologically and socially more liberating than the predominantly white ones. Programs at other institutions. I cant imagine attending a college that was a better fit. When attending an hbcu, students are joining a family. I believe that all hbcus around the world have some of the most caring professors, faculty, and staff members known to man. Im still compelled to advocate for victims of human trafficking, violence and trauma, but attending an hbcu sparked my interest in researching and working specifically with minority populations. Through the years, predominantly black spaces such as historically black colleges and universities (hbcus) have sheltered black people.

Many people seem to truly look forward to coming back to campus to see how the community continues to grow and evolve. All these names remind us how precarious black lives can. Thurgood Marshall, the lawyer who would argue the Brown v Board of Topeka case and later became a Supreme Court justice, emerged from this environment. Even religious settings seem to offer little protection. I have been researching hbcus to understand how education and its pursuit by black Americans represent a constant affront to white supremacy.

My subjects came from Hampton, which enabled me to look specifically at the hbcu experience and highlight the value of these schools. Last year, I conducted a research study examining the way social capital affects academic success in college students. The real story is about how essential these institutions are to black students. But four-year hbcus experienced no increase in non-black enrollment during the 2000s. There is always someone there to help with pretty much anything when needed.

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