Essay on planning commission of india

essay on planning commission of india

based on equality and justice. It was replaced by the newly formed niti Aayog. Accordingly, the newly constituted Planning Commission prepared a blueprint for its First Five Year Plan and the Commission was asked to implement it from April 1951. To prevent electoral fraud, in 1993 epics Electorals Photo Identity Cards were issued. The Government of India also set up a Department of Planning and Development in 1944 and it introduced short-term powerpoint phd thesis defense and long-term plans for restoration of normalcy after war and for economic reconstruction and development. (v) Modernisation of Various Sectors: Another very important objective of Five Year Plans of our country was the modernisation of various sectors, more specifically, the modernisation of agricultural and industrial sectors.

Rather, the losses incurred by these PSUs resulted emergence of high cost economy of the country. Visvesyaryya published his book Planned Economy for India. It is part of basic structure of the Constitution which has been held. Thus the main stress was laid on the introducing relief type of employment opportunity and income for those downtrodden people who were poorly employed and not contributing to the net product of the country. It has been estimated that the employment will grow at the rate.17 per cent per annum as against the annual growth of labour force.54 per cent. Thus the objective of attaining a socialistic pattern of society has remained a mere slogan. Mahalanobis wrote, In the long run, the rate of industrialisation and the growth of national economy would depend on increasing the production of coal, electricity, iron and steel, heavy machinery, heavy chemicals and heavy industries generally which would increase the capacity of capital formation. Therefore, the Government should select able bodied, efficient, honest and dedicated officers for the implementation of plan.

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(v) Inequality in the Distribution of Income and Wealth: Attaining equality in the distribution of income and wealth has been one of the important objectives of Five Year Plans in India. He further stated that There are some who argue that the we must not go for heavy industry but college essays about cancer research for lighter ones. Periodical assessment of the progress of the plan. The development of such industry would provide necessary machines and other capital equipments to the other basic industries, viz., steel, fertilizers, textile, aluminium, cement etc. Due to the faulty approach followed in the initial part of our planning, economic inequality widened and poverty became acute. Finally-, the development strategy followed in the country initially forgotten the importance of foreign trade to derive exportable surplus and laid much emphasis on foreign trade which was again corrected since Third Plan onwards by adopting export promotion strategy.

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