Romeo and juliet essay and summary

romeo and juliet essay and summary

Juliet to a brightly shining jewel set against a black background. The famous balcony scene had get its name long after Shakespeares death. She even dies of a broken heart at the loss of her son. Little is known about Shakespeares life prior to coming to the stage during the reign of Elizabeth. The earth thats natures mother is her tomb; What is her burying grave that is her womb, (2.3.11-12) Friar Laurence observes that the earth is the mother of nature and that her life-giving womb is also a tomb.

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Against this backdrop of chronic rancor and malice, a Capulet and a Montague fall deeply in love. Others come running to the scene. While the page runs out for help, Romeo slays Paris, then takes a last, longing look at Juliet, saying, O my love! They fight, and Romeo kills Paris. According to the second definition, the climax occurs in the final act, when Romeo, Juliet, and Paris die. Lord Capulet welcomes all the gentlemen attending the party, including the masqueraders, and invites them to dance, saying, "Ladies that have their toes / Unplagu'd with corns will have a bout with you" (1.5.11-12). What makes Mercutio so memorable a character? She is referring to Tybalt, her good friend; Juliet thinks she is speaking of Romeo and wonders whether he has killed himself. Both Lady Capulet and Juliet s nurse refuse to leave her alone. A melancholy Romeo follows Benvolio and their witty friend Mercutio to Capulets house. It is the hope of her parents that she will fall in love with Paris, a wealthy kinsman of Escalus, at the ball. (A folio was a large sheet of paper folded once to form four pages.) Most versions of Shakespeare's plays published today are based on the First Folio.

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