How cite info in your essay

how cite info in your essay

punk's do it yourself ethic, a strong business sense, and clear opinions about her artistic goals (Neko Case). It needs to be individually different. You will always cite both"s and paraphrases. If the wording is basic, and its really the idea you are after, paraphrase. 12, the first time you use a source Introduce it formally. Read (and re-read) the passage wish to use: First, simplify unique wording. Internet site with no author Lead-in,"?

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Use a mix of"s and paraphrases. 7, heres another example of a direct" (The lead in is general, thus the" is cited parenthetically) There are many unforeseen ways that cell phones have made the lives of their owners easier: Construction workers on-site can use cell phones to send pictures. Next, cut out unnecessary info. 4, there are two ways to bring information from your research into your essay: Direct"s and Paraphrases If the wording of the line you wish to use is singular, you might want to" it directly. (article title or authors last). 20, parenthetical citation using author when no page number is available (web source) In 2001, Case released the EP Canadian Amp: its moody, late-night ambience carried over to 2002's Blacklisted, a darker yet more eclectic affair (Huey). It's best to use the title. 13, for example You might write, Bob Bobertson, in his article The Power of a Strong Last Name argues that a strong last name commands respect. 9, how do I go about paraphrasing? What information should I bring into my paper? Internal Citations: what does it mean to cite something?