Family friendship essay

family friendship essay

into this world inform of a family even if they do not know where they are they do exists. Today there is a common saying that states that family is the friends that you choose. For instance, companies, big industries and now even colleges aren't just looking at what you can do as a person but now even require people who are skilled in social interactions. Families usually have more complicated ties compared to friendships. However, the difference is only in the words used, but the core significance remains the same. People who come from a common ancestry tend to be loyal to each other compared to friends who get into relationships to achieve certain goals. People do not have a choice over their families until they are old enough to marry to get married. People who have true friends consider themselves as the luckiest individuals on earth. We meet in the njrotc classroom everyday after-school, our headquarters.

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I am currently the overall commander of the drill team. Critics argue that this is because family members tend to be more judgmental compared to friends. Friends are something that comes and goes throughout our lives. Because one of them may unexpectedly change your life for the better. Being that Raven was so kind to me in return when her brother had passed away, I was there whenever she needed. For example, your friend can be hanging around someone that does not like you and that person starts talking bad about you, while your friend does nothing. People today are showing more loyalty to their friend than their families.

family friendship essay

And honestly I couldnt agree more.
Friends are not a forever thing.
Friends argue, change, a lot of things can happen in a friendship.
I completely agree with who said that friends are the family that we choose.