What did you do yesterday essay

what did you do yesterday essay

of mine and met some new friends, had some good single malt scotch, some good conversation and went to sleep with a smile on my face. Ray / United States, what did I do yesterday? Carlos (dream) to be a pilot. We (enjoy) spending time together, because we (have) a great time. 0 Answers, hSBC, Quest, What are your greatest achievements so far?

Please do guide me in this case. They  (be) born in Costa Rica. Finally, I  (invite) them to come to my home. Also, she  many souvenirs, like two watches, four soccer t-shirts, and a black cap.

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Well yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had the good fortune of being invited to the house of a friend where a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner was prepared. Visit . She washes my car. And, I worked in a co-op in my university which is like a little cafeteria where they sell a lot of goods like sweets and books and everything else. They write three books. We (listen) romatic music. Cook . Iron 18. Listen . Carlos and Vanessa are my friends. Look .

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