Cybercrime research paper conclusion

cybercrime research paper conclusion

instruments can be effectively carried out. In regard to law enforcement, Interpol has provided a technical guidance in cybercrime detection, investigation and evidence collection. 47 The problems of what is an act committed intentionally, what is an act with right and without right, are all left to national law interpretation. Spoofed email is one which email header is forged so that mail appears to originate from one source but actually has been sent from another source. At least, among the apec economies, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong are considering taking the Convention as the basis on which they will carry out their own legislative amendments. Many authors have also been pursuing research on international harmonization from different standpoints and for different goals; for example, Sieber (1996, 1998 United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network (. According to (Muniandy Muniandy, 2012) creating attitude awareness on cybercrime issues is very important for Malaysians as Malaysia is seen as a progressing nation in the field of technology. Theyre adapting consolidated attack methods to those platforms, and are defining new offensive strategies.

cybercrime research paper conclusion

Abstract This article reviews the international impetus of criminal law reform in combating cybercrime. This article classifies actions of international harmonization into professional, regional, multinational and global actions, summarizes the major concerns of these actions, and concludes the influence of the Convention.

cybercrime research paper conclusion

Figure 1: Schematic Diagram for the Theoretical Framework In The. Determinants of Preventing Cyber Crime.3 Hypothesis building. Based on the independent and dependent variables shown above, the following hypotheses are proposed.

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5.2.4 IT Technology From the survey done, 92 of the respondent stated that information technology infrastructure in Malaysia is comprehensive. According to experts at RSA security, cybercrime continues to improve its techniques and the way it organizes and targets victims. In some cases, they totally ignore that theyre victims of attacks. It is increasingly stringent and necessary to establish an international cooperation system for punishing cybercrime. In a word, we can say that classics were good, but classics hinder better classics; consensus is good, but consensus always hinders better consensus: and the Convention is good, but it potentially hinders a better convention. 52 However, this process has proved hard without the expected number of countries ratifying in the five-year period after the Convention was open to signature. Creating attitude awareness during online business transaction is important to help both parties seller and buyer. Convention on Cybercrime, Preamble, Paragraph. The objectives of the meeting were to assist the economies to develop the necessary legal frameworks; to promote the development of law-enforcement capacity; and to strengthen cooperation between private and public sectors in addressing the threat of cybercrime.