Fun presentation websites

fun presentation websites

otherwise to non-privileged code. He was founder and CTO of two security technology companies and developed both first- and second-generation, host-based intrusion-detection technologies. Org evil labs Imagine your only connection to the Internet was through a potentially hostile environment such as the Defcon wireless network. Dixon has also served as Director of Information Security for Marriott International, a global private sector company, where he led cyber security planning, security architecture, and security operations. Harrington was Associate Director for Marketing Practices. Ten case studies reveal the answers. Brian has his. Now, due to the increasing use of C in malware as well as most moderns applications being written in C, understanding the disassembly of C object oriented code is a must.

Fun presentation websites
fun presentation websites

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Prior to joining NEA, Patrick helped to grow zefer, an Internet services firm (acquired by NEC) to more than 100 million in annual revenues and more than 700 people across six global offices. Few things have had their design stretched as far as the web; as such, I've been starting to take a look at some interesting aspects of the "Web.0" craze. The next goal was to provide our own credentials to the ACS in order to get access to the NAC protected network. Mobile Security he simply loves to play around with all the newest funky gadgets and Endpoint Securitybut at the heart he still is a networker. In 2006 there were 335 publicized breaches in the.S.; in 2005 there were 116 publicized breaches; between the 1st of January and March 31st of 2007, a 90 day period, there have been 85 breaches publicized. Before joining GAO, he was a supervisory scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. "Point, Click, rtpinject" Zane Lackey, Security Consultant, iSEC Partners Alex Garbutt, Security Consultant, iSEC Partners The Realtime Transport Protocol (RTP) is a common media layer shared between.323, SIP, and Skinny (sccp) VoIP deployments. The presentation will concluded with existing solutions to mitigate both the.323 and IAX security issues discussed during the presentation. But it didn't, then. Patrick received a joint JD-MBA degree from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, where he was the only candidate in his year to earn honors at both. His research focuses on methods to track "anonymous" people online, with an emphasis on anti-spam and anti-anonymity technologies. .

Prior to joining SGP,. Eng was Technical Director at @stake (later acquired by Symantec where he led security assessments of critical web applications, commercial software, and networks. Yaquis Original people of Mexico, many Yaqui Indians fled to what is now Arizona after attacks by early Mexican colonists.

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