Compare and contrast essay for ap world history

compare and contrast essay for ap world history

2 relevant, specific, direct comparisons. Meier Penn Manor HS ThesisThesis 8,. Think about s very simple, but not always easy to spot. 8 ) to find an extremely helpful explanation of how you should structure ANY. Meier Penn Manor HS EvidenceEvidence must Give 9 specific evidence (2 pts) Give 5 specific evidence(1 pt) Evidence includes any support, facts, dates, examples,"s, etc. Meier Penn Manor HS Core Rubric Notice, there are only 5 aspects of your essay that are graded. 27 direct comparison Statements. When the Crusaders or the Christian knights from Western Europe came to the ME, in order to claim back their holy city Jerusalem, they were awed in wonder as they saw how spices came and went, and the transfusion of many enlightening ideas took place. However, extremely unlike like the IOT, the SR had a disastrous effect due to Mongols passing off a disease called Black Death. Take a look and see whats expected of you. Anonymous, unit 4, during the period of, the eastern hemisphere was connected through many trading routes.

Comparative Essay (aka Compare Contrast) AP World History
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618 Words Mar 9th, 2013 3 Pages. Compare Contrast response in AP World. Extended families and clans served as the main foundation of social and economic organization in Mali society. Meier Penn Manor HS BrainstormBrainstorm 20,. Makes direct relevant comparisons. After many goods arrived in Rome, from places as far as China, cultural diffusion occurred as a result. Both Empires differed in society in which women in Mali tended to have more rights than women in an Aztec society whom they had little to no role in their society. Example #1 22,. Make AT least two attempts at the analysis point. Meier Penn Manor HS ThesisThesis 13,.

compare and contrast essay for ap world history

Meier Penn Manor HS Compare and Contrast Part C (Sugge sted planning and writing time 35 minutes) Percent of Section score. Past C C Essay Questions: C C Essay Writing Tools: Compare Contrast - Annotated Rubric (2004 This is a great document to look at if you re wondering. Ap World Compare and Contrast Essay. 618 Words Mar 9th, 2013 3 Pages.