My parents day essay

my parents day essay

older than my mother. I want to tell you about my parents. So I am a regular visitor of our citys concert hall. Father is also fond of fishing and hunting and often spends his weekends either on the river or in the forest. I am 15 years old.

She is cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic (4). Almost everything we had was bought at thrift shops, but we were happy because we knew we had a chance in America.

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If I could rewrite one event in my life, then I would definitely study hard during the study leaves and examinations as the extra input would turn into higher grades in examinations. My mother is rather pretty. After breakfast, I wash dishes and do some cleaning in the kitchen. When I come home, I take a bath and change clothes. Every time I felt sick, she would take me to the doctor for medication, cook and take good care. Our journey to America was not the last of our struggles. I especially admire their determination during our struggle coming to America. This was special because at that time many children were abandoned by their parents. I take my laptop and watch new videos on my favorite channels while cooking and eating. I will always remember how my dad used to wake me up in the morning by pulling me down to the end of my bed just enough so that my legs hung over the edge so he could put my shoes. This journey was not easy for my parents, but throughout they thought of their children first.