Karmic is less restrictive by default and from the dmesg I see that the acpi video driver detects a gfx device. Hope you’ll fix it soon” it seems to be our problem reflected to jaunty. I have the beta jaunty live cd 64x somewhere on my desktop. Christian Kunz post-derkunz wrote on Is there another way you think I could write something in these files? If that doesn’t work, then the brightness applet cannot work.

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Changed in linux Ubuntu Intrepid: Maybe it can be considered as a duplicate ISO images are available from http: The computer is a “netbook” Acer Aspire One D Just for information I am running kernel 2. Other bug subscribers Subscribe viceo else.

It is a common “problem” that some BIOS are using parts of the lower RAM as storage and the kernel just dlsabling a certain area of the memory as not usable to work around this.

Cannot change brightness at all with hotkeys “. It pauses at the black screen, just as it used to before it said the ‘acer-wmi’ error message, except now it just stays blank.


I have an Acer Aspire I see that you can pass kernel parameters, but how do you pass them to the liveboot? Pablo Hinojosa pablohn6 wrote on January 7th, 9. Thu Nov 27, Yesterday I accepted the updates proposed by the Update Manager, which included a kernel update version 2.


Comment on this change optional. January 7th, 3. Richard Leckinger caraka wrote on Unable to detect available WMID devices” as confirmed in the dmesg log. If we are done with this topic, it is best to edit subject marking it solved.

HP Omen help – blacklist kernel modules in installation : archlinux

I tried to remove the battery and press the power button. Open with “gksu gedit”.

If you could also please test the latest upstream kernel available that would be great. Leo leorolla wrote on Dear Stefan, Thanks dksabling your time, but unfortunately it didn’t worked. MT micdhack wrote on Wireless is disabled by hardware switch problem Hello I am currently using Ubuntu There is no connection between this issue and SD card reader. Then attach the output of – “sudo acpidump -o acpidump. Seeing the bootscreen during whole boot procedure would be nice. adpi


Gentoo Forums :: View topic – /proc/acpi/video missing (Kernel )

Cody Russell bratsche wrote on Thu Nov 27, 2: Dokuro hikage-no-dokuro wrote on Karmic is vidro restrictive by default and from the dmesg I see that the acpi video driver detects a gfx device.

Adding AOD to the driver source as I suggested earlier is a more correct way though. If it has brightness control but still the FN-key problem, it would be good to open a new bug for that.

Wireless is disabled by hardware switch problem When you press the switch or key combination, does this change at all?

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