The bottom of the notebook as well as the hand-rest regions are also very good. Lenovo ThinkPad X review: Voltcraft VC Battery Eater Reader Battery Eater Classic In the Battery Eater Readers test longest possible run time – wireless modules off, minimum brightness, energy-saving mode , the X ran for slightly more than 9 hours, which means that the power usage per hour was around 7 Wh. Intel HD Graphics , Core: The ThinkPad X is a slim, but high-performance subnotebook. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Throttling Throttling is another serious problem which affects the performance.

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This is a noticeable increase in temperature but it will not be a problem as usually 3D calculations or rendering are not done with notebook on the lap. In office use or while surfing lneovo the internet, the laptop cooler fan is very quiet at level 1 which is barely audible.

The warranty lasts all of 36 months typical for upper-class business notebooks and it can be extended and customized by contacting Lenovo. Such enthusiasts would be obviously overjoyed at the mention of a new ThinkPad laptop with an amazing IPS display – sounds like lenovk perfect companion for the road. Lenovo ThinkPad X Tablet – The laptop sets a new record for poor performance in our notebook tests with a maximum read rate of Still the result is quite good, and both indoors and outdoors, the maximum brightness level allows the user to work comfortably on the laptop.


Best Laptops for Increasing the storage space is easier to do using the empty slots on the side of the notebook.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad X (IPS) Subnotebook – Reviews

The picture is easy to recognize from all sides, and the only loss in picture quality due to a shift in the viewing angle is a drop in the brightness level. The RAM slots are accessible via the bottom of the notebook. Lenoo Throttling is another serious problem which affects the performance.

Only the Core i7 versions of this laptop are equipped with the USB 3.

These are minor critiques but they can prove to be annoying on a long-term basis. Video Memory Memory Allocation Technology. After all, a simple design is something most businessmen and professionals value very highly in a business notebook.

Lenovo ThinkPad X review: Lenovo ThinkPad X – CNET

The big touch pad on the X is notable, especially as it’s forced to share space with an old-school pointing stick and its secondary set of mouse buttons. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. A small, but powerful notebook with a long battery life is the dream of many laptop lovers. DPC Latency Checker wireless modules off. Intel HD Graphics However, this problem might just be restricted to our test model.

Warranty The warranty lasts all of 36 months typical for upper-class business notebooks and it can be extended and customized by contacting Lenovo.

This issue is significant as the yellow USB port placed on the right side has the sleep-and-charge function, and this means that it has a lower current. High latency values can lead to synchronization errors with external devices, such as sound cracking up or picture and audio being played out of sync.


The keyboard of the laptop has the typical ThinkPad look. After throttling, the laptop remained at MHz for a while.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad X220 (IPS) Subnotebook

The IPS display is a new exciting feature which has a high contrast ratio, good brightness, This issue was resolved when we used the stronger 90 W power adapter from the ThinkPad T The power adapter exceeded its 65 W power limit only once and usually consumed around 60 Watt. The Asus P31F weighs quite a bit more with a weight of 1.

This reimagined Lenoovo Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding Lenovo offers such a great display for the X for a relatively cheap premium.

After that, the CPU could run at maximum speed even without the battery. The Battery Eater Classic test everything on, maximum performance, maximum brightness exhausted the laptop battery within 77 minutes.

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