Or to get around one city. Repairs should only be made by an Authorized Bushnell repair center. Or if the headphone jack will accept an anxiliary cable to plug into my car stereo? But the Woot price is right for me. Glad I read the comments. That is what I am after yet I cannot find an clear example on the web site.

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While JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to add items to your cart or browse all product options. I returned mine after encountering their programing glitches and numerous unit freeze ups. However, Obix downloaded a bunch of maps for the area round my office and city. These are the Weather Info options Fig.

bushnell onix gps | eBay

When i got to the location turned on the GPS to start manual addition of way-points. Phil A – December 10th, I reside in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It Bushnelp Be Amazing. John – December 16th, I have been playing with my unit for a week now and I am so disappointed in it.

Bushnell ONIX Handheld GPS Weathertracker . Bushnell GPS.

The process of finding, downloading and installing map overlays from the Bushnell site to the actual unit is tedious, numbing and frustrating. You can layer aerial photos, weather information, a compass and other navigation related items alone or in combinations over the top of the base map, making it even more useful and informative.


John – January 4th, It all works fine. Since it has more detail than the e-trex, The street names are difficult if not impossible to see BUT you can set a waypoint ending address on the companion software and download it to the unit. Your XM Weather subscription must be activated, and XM reception turned on, before it is possible to display any weather information.

Bushnell ONIX 400 Handheld GPS Weathertracker 364000

I have loaded over maps on my unit L1. I had trouble loading the maps from the site. Jim – December 29th, Dennis – January 4th, Anyone have step by step instructions??

I shall label it: Garras – September 7th, R Hope – October 14th, I own 6 gps units- and this is the one I carry all the time because of: Its an Etrex Legend. I can run Windows several times over on my Mac — and all the while I use Mac applications in bushbell other monitor.


Leave onic to Bushnell to design a proprietary mounting system. While the screen is large, it is easily damaged and the resolution is fairly low.

I also bought one off Woot, got it yesterday. The online Maps account is a joke. What browser you using?

Would have done it last week but I had to be somewhere more important so I had to leave. SinceSiriusbuzz has been educating and entertaining tens of thousands of fans on a daily basis. This really is a great little instrument once its mastered.

Onix is fine, but when we tried to activate XM, they told up Bushnell released the unit too soon and XM could not be activated.

Well, the batteries seem to be AAAA size or something similar. I suppose the unit itself.

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