Set Reserve Job Section 7: I can download until I reach the page to select the printer. The set original size will be detected and the optimum magnification for the detected original size and the set paper size will be automatically selected for copying. Page 32 Section 4: Application Selection Screen 4. Precautions for Installation and Use 3. Although the toner is nontoxic, do not inhale toner or allow it to come in contact with eyes.

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Posted by louise69 on Sep 30, Page 32 Section 4: Page 56 Section 6: CheckitRight Oct 01, Power Save [12] continued 5. Page 53 Section 6: You can specify a name and limit count for each password.


A paper jam during continuous copying may cause the paper to jam in several places. Sorting by shifting 30 2 mm copies are delivered face up Types of paper: The now-defunct Japanese electronics manufacturer Konica introduced the Konica in Toner Supply continued Preparation The toner may be compact during storage.


Page 25 Section 2: Take the vistq procedure to set the copy mode.

Konica Minolta 7033 Instruction Manual

The Paper Out icon appears in the tray key on the Tray Selection screen. Reverse Image continued Konca 1: Touch the Vertical key to select a vertical ratio.

Basic Copying on Basic Screen 1. A set of sample copy will be output. Page 70333 Section 7: Basic Copying on Basic Screen 6.

Image Quality continued Very High Mode Very high image quality is used for high quality photo output, and does not allow you to select any other copying condition which uses memory. Page 98 Section 7: This section also describes how to minimize the toner consumption.

Konica , Konica Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Other Screens continued Key Operator Mode Screens Appear when the key operator accesses the Key Operator mode to modify machine settings or to monitor overall copier activity.

The machine has a tray that can handle up to pages, with a maximum weight of 32 lbs. Is this true, and is there another way to print from computers to the Konica? Sort with E-Sort Exit: Withdraw the universal tray from the main body. Set the A3 and B4 size originals in lengthwise feed direction. Konica advertised the as a mid-volume laser printer.


Automatic Settings Section 6: Application Selection Screen 4. Dispose of a Disused Copying Machine Do not dispose of this copier yourself. Will have to have Old School knowledge you have a legacy Konica Machine. Image Shift continued Advice In duplex copying of the 1-sided originals that already have a left binding margin, shift the image of the back pages by setting the desired shift amount plus the original margin, to create the same margin as that of the front pages.

Its real-time document processing offers up to five copy reserve jobs and five print reserve jobs. Store mode features two modes as described below.

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